• CFO services for early-stage technology companies

  • Advanced financial forecasting, fundraising support, and KPI analytics 

  • Enabling data-driven business decisions through SaaS KPI analysis: LTV, fully-loaded CAC, Payback Period + more

  • Transforming an outdated startup CFO model

  • Automating traditionally time-intensive finance processes

Fundraising Success

Show VCs what others cannot: you understand key metrics and milestones and can reverse-engineer future financing rounds, showing how new capital will be deployed to achieve optimal results.

Post-Funding Advantages

Strategic finance tools and dashboards: we uncover, benchmark, and forecast critical metrics (LTV, CAC, Payback Period, + more) to drive real-time business improvements and create value.

Ongoing Support

Monthly, bottom-up, 3-statement forecasts reflecting the latest data, variance analysis to determine catalysts for under or over-performance, and Board and fundraising packages to keep existing and potential investors informed and impressed.

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